Interhack's Winter Universities at the BIB Hackerspace

This is call for participation, I repeat, this is a call for participation !

This call for participation is now open : presentations, initiations, demonstrations, performances, or whatever form you can imagine to share what you know, practice, or are interested in. Techno-futility, technical, technological, scientific and artistic emancipation and happy chaos are in the limelight.

Warning ! Currently, we don't have any hosting accommodation available. Our NaN best elements are on this, but we welcome any idea.
For now, an high-tech service is available. Join us here for meet your host.

Available spaces

--> Detailed presentation of the places available here. <--
The place have a capacity of about 50 people in workshop times and 110 people in standing concert.

  • Upper floor, "La Tendresse"
  • Big room with a scene, dressing room, bar, light & sound system
  • Semi-pro kitchen
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Cave, "BIB Hackerspace" (not accomodated to persons with reduced mobility)
  • Brewery
  • Printing space (2D/3D/Screen-printing)
  • Micro-biology laboratory
  • Electronic workbench
  • Big table with Ethernet cables
  • Saloon with library, sofas & armchairs
  • DIY Workbench (wood & metal works, etc)
  • Relatively "soundproof" room, where we can have complete darkness

We have some tools and materials available, but it's hard to list everything, so if you have specific needs, add them to your proposal, we'll see together if we have what we need, but try to be autonomous when possible !

This Call for Papers closed on 2023-02-02 20:54 (Europe/Paris).