Interhack Spring University 2024

25 -> 28th April

After the Four Seasons Universities at Tetalab in Toulouse from 2018 to 2020, the first edition of the Winter Universities at BIB Hackerspace in Montpellier at the end of February 2023, the Autumn Universities at Labomedia in Orléans at the beginning of November 2023, it's our turn to host the Spring Universities at Hackstub, Hakerspace in Strasbourg, in resonance with Interhack, a French network of hackerspace and other *lab-like structures!

A DIY festival by the french hackerspaces network open to everyone

As in previous years, these Spring Universities are imagined as a moment of exchange, sharing, creation, detour, popular education and celebration in the form of workshops, round tables, conferences, demonstrations, concerts, projections and installations.

They're made by and for you, and open to all. The program is created according to the proposals you are invited to make, leaving room for interventions and informal moments.

The themes that can be tackled are also very open, from today's "digital" to ancestral techniques, from DIY to embroidery, from semi-conductors to human collectives, from biopolitics to creative resourcefulness, from bytes to bodily fluids, from bacteria to carbon... in short, anything that can contribute to implementing more harmonious and liveable futures in terms of social, environmental and technological issues.

A priori, all proposals are accepted according to the space/time/energy available, from nascent ideas to long-developed projects. The program will be put together with an eye to cross-fertilization between projects and people.


This edition of Printemps 2024 will be hosted by La Semencerie, a permanent artists' residency where some twenty artists and/or collectives "reside" year-round, including Hackstub since October 2022. Like all Interhacks Universities, it is based on collective initiative, shared enthusiasm and ideally organic, thrifty self-organization.

It will take place in several places of the main station neighbourhood. Workshops will be allocated according to the need for greater or lesser isolation from ambient noise and the flow of people, as well as the workshop's technical possibilities and material requirements.

To go to the Call for Participations, click the button below!